We are still closed due to the COVID-19 Virus.


As of this week (10/23/20) Riverside County was moved back to the more restrictive Purple Tier. 


To reopen Retrovolt and other family entertainment centers within the county we need to be at the Yellow Tier. 


If you are seeing this post – it means that we are still not open to the public.


For the most up to date information on the current status of the COVID-19 Shutdown, please click the button below.


We hope to see you at the arcade as soon as we can.


Stay Safe 

All the best





544 Myrtlewood Dr, Calimesa CA 92320


(951) 675-7582

About Us

Retrovolt is a family owned family friendly classic local arcade.


We have 55 classic arcade cabinets and 22 pinball machines all set to free play!


Play titles like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter and many more with your friends. Show your kids the games you used to play and the music you used to listen to. Retrovolt is fun for everyone!


Thursday 4pm - 11pm

Friday 4pm - 11pm

Saturday Noon - 11pm

Sunday Noon - 9pm

We love and I mean really love, all things gaming related. But obviously we have a special passion for classic arcade and pinball. 

We have 55 video cabinets and 22 pinballs on the floor and ready to play at any one time. Most of our games range from the late 1970s to the late 1990’s but we do have a couple of modern Stern pinballs for you to enjoy also.

Because our games are subject to change we have provided a link to a google sheet with our line up. We try to keep that as updated as we possibly can but it is possible that when you come to the arcade the particular game you are looking for is not available. We apologize in advance but maintaining classic games – some as old as 40 years – can be a bit challenging sometimes 🙂 

Please click the button to download the latest version of our game list and we will see you at the arcade!

At Retrovolt all of our games are set to FREE PLAY. Guests pay per hour or purchase an all day pass. Then you can choose any game you like and press start. 



As well as being great value, our free play model is perfect for kids who like to change games frequently. It’s perfect for someone who wants to learn a game without having to pump tokens into it continuously and it’s great for guests who maybe want to try a game they haven’t played before. Best of all, have you ever wanted to complete a game like house of the dead? Well now you can!


$ 10 hour

Veterans Discount

Active Duty and First Responders too!
$ 8 Hour


10 years old and Younger
$ 5 Hour
great Value

Family 4 Pack

Four people for the price of three!
$ 30 Hour

All Day Pass

Great Value!
$ 25 ALL DAY

All Day Special

Thursday Only
$ 15 ALL DAY
Thurs Only

Find Us

Contact US


Thursday 4pm – 11pm

Friday 4pm – 11pm

Saturday Noon – 11pm

Sunday Noon – 9pm

544 Myrtlewood Dr, Calimesa, CA 92320

Phone: (951) 675-7582

Email: Sales@RetrovoltArcade.com

RIP David Prowse #Darthvader

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Been looking for this one for a while. Hopefully you guys get to play it soon. Thanks for the trade @neon_mark #mvc2 #marvel #capcom #arcade

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I appreciate all the calls and emails we are getting asking for private parties or asking the question "When are you reopening?".

Riverside County is still in the most restrictive "Purple Tier" and the state has just issued (posting this 11/9/20) a limited stay at home order. So the simple answer is…not anytime soon and I have no idea when or if we will ever open again at this point.

I appreciate that everyone has differing views on this issue. I would ask kindly that you don't post political stuff on this page. I'm just trying to update our customers on our situation.

I wish you all nothing but the best and I hope that you all stay safe and well.

If I have any updates to the state of the arcade I will post them here first. Thank you all for your support #covid_19 #arcade #riversidecalifornia #inlandempire #smallbusiness

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Monday Mood #monday #mood #getonwithit

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Sign o’ the Times….still closed #covid_19 #smallbusiness #closed #arcade #pinball

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Monday mood #arcade #xmen #wolverine #mondaymood

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No Halloween party at the arcade this year which is a total bummer as it’s my favorite thing we do. Wishing you all a happy and safe Halloween we will see you guys at the arcade as soon as we can 🧟🧟‍♀️👻
#halloween #pinball #arcade #elvira #2020sucks

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Growing up in the UK in the 80s I would have given anything for this Raleigh Burner right here #bmx #80s

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Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderman 🕷🕸#spiderman #pinball #sternpinball

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RIP Legend 🎸 #eddievanhalen

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there’s always more to fix. We’ve got some cool surprises for you guys when we reopen #arcade #pinball #smallbusiness

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Me separating arguing kids at the arcade 😂 #robocop #arcade

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First coat of red done on the floor. second coat needed. Then the baseboards and that’s the construction finished….finally. Now if we could only just open that would be great #letusopen #smallbusiness #arcade

139 16

Finally time to put the first coat of floor paint on in the party room #paint #party

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Thanks @fictionalstudios #wallart #repost #megaman #mural

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The things people will do just to win a toaster or a vcr 😯 #arcade #smashtv #toaster #vcr #90s

71 2

Play games get free stickers..what a deal. We’ll continue the tradition of hiding free stickers around the arcade when we reopen 👍👊 #stickers #arcade #arcadegames #finderskeepers

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This is one of my favorite sections of the mural in the arcade. I’ll always be grateful to @seanbanister @rhyno5aurus and @fictionalstudios for the awesome artwork throughout our arcade #mural #art #artistsoninstagram #pinball #arcade

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It’s been such a long time since we’ve been open. Still no idea when we can open ☹️😞 At this point I’m honestly not sure if we are going to make it. Like so many small business owners, this was my dream and my passion. I’ve been working full time on Retrovolt for the last 5 years. I went from being an enthusiast and collector to arcade owner. My brain says it’s time to close. My heart says keep fighting. #keeparcadesalive #arcade #smallbusiness #covid_19

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Here come the heroes to save the world from destruction….that are X-men! 🤟👊 #bbwcosplay fixed #ready #xmen #arcade

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New wire harnesses going in X-men today…sometimes it’s better just to pull out all the old stuff and replace with new. Either that or work your way through the birds nest that has built up over time #xmen #arcade #wolverine #cyclops #gambit

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Wakanda Forever #chadwickboseman

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Watching Bill and Ted Face the music..hopefully Bill and Ted can unite the human race. 🎸🎸#wyldstallyns #billandted #billandtedfacethemusic #partyondudes

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I should probably stick to pinball 😂 #pinball #gaming #pc #worstteammate

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Thanks to the Covid shutdown, I’m currently sporting the same hair cut as Bobby Orr. Time to bust out the clippers 💈#covidhaircut #covidhair #clippers #diy #wishmeluck

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Thank you @neon_mark for the awesome Tetris and stopping by for a chat. Always good to see a friendly (masked) face at a social distance 👊😃 #neonretroarcade #arcade

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Me getting caught eating pizza for lunch….again 🍕🍕🍕 #pizza #pinball #tmnt

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Hanging on. Looking forward to the day we can reopen #hopeful #smallbusiness #arcade

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Light it up! 💡#pinball #retro #vintage #70s

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April O’Neil rocking the Covid lockdown hair long before all of us 😬#tmnt #april #covidhaircut

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We picked up 3 new titles today. 4 player X-men, Mortal Kombat 2 and a 4 player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 😃 #xmen #tmnt #mortalkombat #arcade

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These games are leaving us today… 🙁 #aracde #classics

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Just finished installing the UV Kit for Stranger Things. Really cool effect in certain modes or when you hit certain targets the upside down is revealed! 😮 #sternpinball #uv #mod #pinball #arcade

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Working on a nice upgrade for stranger things today. Some good things happening at Retrovolt this week. We are still closed but we are working away like crazy to be ready for when we can reopen #pinball #arcade #strangerthings #smallbusiness #stillhere

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#atari #arcade #retro #gaming

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All the games to play in the arcade and I’m totally geeking out on the oldest one on the floor right now. Bobby Orr Powerplay 1977 #pinball #bobbyorr #bally #arcade

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Taking the time during the shutdown to make sure our games are on point #repair #pinball #arcade #smallbusiness

91 4

Code updates galore! #sternpinball #pinball #update #code #arcade

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Today is the 3rd anniversary of Retrovolt opening up our arcade in Calimesa.

We usually celebrate every year by giving away free T-Shirts, free ice cream etc. Obviously we can't do that this year.

So rather than being open and celebrating 3 years with you guys, we are working on things behind closed doors.

We are continuing to build out the new party space, repairing our games and working on projects. It's not ideal, it's far from ideal. But I count myself lucky that Retrovolt is still here and that I am able to work here.

So, with that being said. (Here comes the sales pitch) If you would like to help us out. Please consider buying a T Shirt or Gift Card from our online store – It would really help out!


Thanks again everyone. Your support for Retrovolt over the years has been immense.

All the best and stay safe!
#arcade #anniversary #smallbusiness

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball has quickly become one of my favorites. Fast, fun and a great theme #teenagemutantninjaturtles #pinball

96 2

Helps bring down skynet by covering for his boy at the arcade #unsungheroes #movienight

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I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle….. #movienight

33 3

@seanbanister trying out TMNT we are both geeking out over @zombieyeti artwork on this game. Seems the more you look the more detail you find. Outstanding #zombieyeti #tmnt #pinball

71 3

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the real deal, possibly my favorite new @sternpinball title #sternpinball #tmnt #pizza #pinball

57 3

Stranger Things pinball at the arcade. Come by and give it a go when we reopen #strangerthings #pinball #arcade

81 4

Orders for t shirts and gift cards going out today thank you!🙏👍 check the link in our bio for our website and online shop #online #shop #shipping #tshirts #arcade #smallbusiness

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As of noon today (7/1/20) we are mandated by the state to cease all indoor operations due to the spike in Covid-19 cases.

All indoor operations in businesses listed in the attached picture are affected. We fall under the Family Entertainment Center category.

Obviously this disappointing from a business perspective, but the absolute last thing I want to do is be responsible for making someone ill or worse.

We hope we are here on the other side of this. We took a massive knock financially last time we were shutdown and I'm not sure we can do that again. Believe me when I say, we will try to be here when this finally blows over.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the arcade over the last couple of weeks and thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to come out and play in the arcade, or has just followed our adventure on social media.

Stay safe #closed #smallbusiness #covid19

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Bobby Orr Power Play (Bally 1978) now in the line up #pinball #icehockey #bobbyorr #arcade

66 0

More progress on the party room – @seanbanister for scale #art #artist #party

144 3

Stranger Things Premium pinball from @sternpinball is in and ready to play 👍 #strangerthings #netflix #pinball

114 6

Choose your Turtle! Wow this is a fun one @sternpinball @zombieyeti knocked this out the park. Available to play Thursday at the arcade 🍕🍕🍕#tmnt #pinball

132 1

Double drop Monday. Teenage mutant ninja turtles pro and stranger things premium both arrived today. They will be available to play Thursday #tmnt #strangerthings #pinball

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@seanbanister working on the last wall of the new expansion #arcade #art #party #smashbros

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Don’t forget to hit the hand sanitizer! #handsanitizer #arcade

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@1_zerocool cleaning down the games before opening today. We clean and sanitize all of our games through the day. Please remember you must wear a mask while in the arcade. Open today (Saturday) noon to 11pm #playstrong #arcade #smallbusiness #pinball

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Remember if you find unused stickers around the arcade they are yours to keep #free #stickers #treasurehunting✨ #arcade

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Thanks @fictionalstudios for the awesome artwork in our new expansion #art #artwork #artist #arcade #judgedredd

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This one will need some work. Any guesses to what it is? #arcade #restoration

30 7

Contact is back up and running 👍 #pinball #repair #arcade

76 1

Contact decided it was done with life this morning 😮 will see if it’s an easy fix that can be done on the floor or something more serious #arcadelife #pinball #repair #hesdeadjim

80 1

Aaaaand we are open 👍 #arcade #pinball #open #smallbusiness

214 19

TVs are up… switches are ready just got to put it all together…oh and build cabinets …but yeah nearly done 😂 #tv #arcade #nintendo #switch #party

54 2

If you have to replace one…you might as well replace them all 👍 #broken #replace #fix #pinball #target

52 1

Ready to go #friday

146 15

Feels like we are getting the band back together. We reopen Friday June 19th at 4pm. Keychains are back in stock just in time #mario #bros #arcade #keychain #friday

47 2

You unlock this door with the key of imagination …..the key of imagination is at the front desk, please bring it back when you’re finished 🙏😄 #twilightzone #arcade #artwork

141 12