At Retrovolt all of our games are set to FREE PLAY. Guests pay per hour or purchase an all day pass. Then you can choose any game you like and press start. 



As well as being great value, our free play model is perfect for kids who like to change games frequently. It’s perfect for someone who wants to learn a game without having to pump tokens into it continuously and it’s great for guests who maybe want to try a game they haven’t played before. Best of all, have you ever wanted to complete a game like house of the dead? Well now you can!


$ 10 hour

Veterans Discount

Active Duty and First Responders too!
$ 8 Hour


10 years old and Younger
$ 5 Hour
great Value

Family 4 Pack

Four people for the price of three!
$ 30 Hour

All Day Pass

Great Value!
$ 25 ALL DAY

All Day Special

Thursday Only
$ 15 ALL DAY
Thurs Only

No more raiding the piggy bank or hoarding quarters for a trip down to the arcade!




No more trying to find the token machine and then hoping the game doesn’t eat your token!


How many times have you gone home with tokens in your pocket and never used them…those cost you real $$$


They make a cool collection though!


You ever notice how  some arcades charge you for a swipe card?


So you have to pay so that you can pay some more to play a game?


With cards there’s usually a left over balance when you are finished and yet you dont have enough credits for another game?


Not sure if the local coffee shop takes unused swipe card credit as payment? Probably not but hey you got a swipe card for your collection…you can store it with your tokens! 🙂

We have been closely following the public health situation that is affecting us all one way or another.

As a result, I have taken the decision to temporarily close Retrovolt to the public until further notice. I will post updates on our social media pages as new information comes to light.

This has by no means been an easy decision but I feel like it's the correct decision at this time.

We will open again as soon as we possibly can and we will continue to work on the expansion to Retrovolt over the next couple of weeks.

I would really like to thank everyone who has sent messages of support and wish you all the best of health.

Bob and the Retrovolt Team.