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Retrovolt is a family friendly classic arcade located in Calimesa, California. We have 24 Pinball machines and over 40 arcade games ready to play! Our games range from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. There’s no ticket redemption, no tacky prizes. Just games from the past, high scores and bragging rights, the way it should be!

Standard admission to the arcade is $10 per hour. Every game is set to free play. You don’t need tokens or re-loadable swipe cards. Just walk up to a game and press play! Look out for special pricing by following us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Show your kids how to play Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga. Take your friends on at Street Fighter, NBA Jam or join them on an adventure in Gauntlet!

Want to learn how to play or improve at pinball? Our pay per hour price model is a great way to learn. Our friendly staff members will be more than happy to show you the basics, teach you a few games rules and maybe give you a little history of the game also.

Business Hours

Thursday 4pm – 11pm

Friday 4pm – 11pm

Saturday Noon – 11pm

Sunday Noon – 9pm

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We have gift cards for sale

$10 each, available at the arcade.

Perfect gifts for any occasion!

Upcoming Events

Saturday Feb 24th 12pm – 8pm

For the first time at Retrovolt, and as an ongoing feature we’re going to continue to celebrate arcade culture by showing and selling art that is all pinball and classic arcade game inspired.

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A great way to celebrate any occasion. Perfect for any age group!

We offer group discounts during our general admission times

or you can reserve the entire arcade just for you and your party!

Groups of 10 – 19 receive a 10% discount.

Groups of 20 and above receive a 20% discount.


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      I am 50 years old I drove out with my 26 year old son visiting from Colorado and my 7 year old son. Staff is awesome . The place brought me back to my youth, old pinball machines, Defender, Galaga, Joust, from my era, the late 70s early 80s and late 80s 90s games like Silent Strike and Street Fighter. The music so my generation, Madness, motley crew, etc. All the music from my HR high days when we would ride our bmx bikes to the Arcade after a week of chores. If you want to time travel to your youth and play ALL YOU WANT for $10.00 and $5.00 for the little ones on Saturday, then go here. We had the best time, thank you so much!

    thumb Tim Osmond

      Extremely cool place. The staff were very nice and all the patrons were cool. The games all look brand new, you can tell that the owners love these machines. Worth the drive from Riverside and I will go again

    thumb mark Ontiveros

      Absolutely loved this place, its hard to find locations like this that have the content as well as the heart to combine and make something truly special. With so many games set to free play and such a wide variety of cabinets you cannot beat the price set forth. I look forward to coming back and I hope they keep adding great cabinets.

    thumb Zachary Paulk