We will not be open to the public again until Saturday April 8th.

Going forward after that we will be open EVERY Friday and Saturday from 6pm to Midnight. We will kick off our new schedule with an official launch evening on April 8th at 6pm. $10 for your first hour, $5 for every hour after that.

There are a lot of exciting things planned for our arcade starting with the Kcal 96.7 Private Happy Hour Party on April 6th. Tune into Jimbo, Tiffany & Patrick to win tickets to this private listener event. As well as awesome music, the Kcal crew and food there’s pinball and arcade machines! It should be a lot of fun.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. We have learnt a lot over the last couple of months of opening every other weekend and we feel like we are ready to take this to the next level.

Again, thanks everyone, without you guys we would not be here.

Pinball and Arcade Games

In the Inland Empire!

Retrovolt Arcade has 26+ pinball machines and 40+ arcade games, ready to play at any one time. Our machines – with the exception of some brand new pins from Stern –  range from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1990’s. No ticket redemption, no tacky prizes. Just games from the past, high scores and bragging rights. The way it should be!

Come and join us at one of our general admission sessions for a trip in to the retro gaming past. Or host your own private party or event at our venue which is straight out of the arcade golden age.

Look out for event announcements on this page and on our Facebook Page. Standard event admission to the arcade is $10 for your first hour, $5 for every additional hour. Every game is set to free play! No need for quarters, tokens or magic beads.

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Win Tickets to the Private Listener Party

Where on Earth is Retrovolt Arcade?

Good question! We are a little (lot?) hard to find, but its like a treasure hunt right? Clicking the handy Get Directions button below will open up google maps / navigation you could follow that.

Get Directions

Sorry iPhone users….Apple Maps will take you to the water treatment plant. Why? Apple makes cooler products…………

Hint: The entrance to Retrovolt is on Madeira Ave
Hint: If you get to the water treatment plant, you passed us!

Retrovolt Events

  • Thu
    5:30 pm

    Join Jimbo, Tiffany, Patrick & The KCAL Crew at RetroVolt Arcade in Redlands on Thursday, April 6th from 5:30pm-8:30pm for a special PRIVATE HAPPY HOUR PARTY with games, pizza, & soda for 25 winners plus a guest!

  • Sat
    6pm to Midnight

    Official Launch night for Retrovolt Arcade.

    This marks the start of the arcade being open EVERY Friday and Saturday from 6pm to Midnight. We will kick off our new schedule with an official launch evening on April 8th at 6pm. $10 for your first hour, $5 for every hour after that.

At Retrovolt we concentrate on arcade games and pinball machines from the mid 1970’s to the late 1990’s. There are some newer Stern titles on the arcade floor, including Ghostbusters from 2016. Our pinball collection is primarily solid state machines although we do have some EM’s that will make an appearance now and then.

As for arcade titles. The biggest question that we get is “do you have…<insert name of your favorite arcade machine here>?”  We can tell you that we have a large amount of restoration projects at our warehouse and that we are working on them all and they will show up on the arcade floor at some point.

Anyway, enough of this nonsense you’re here to see whats on the floor right now, right?

Title Fight
Space Invaders
Smash TV
Karate Champ
Donkey Kong
Le Mans
Mario Bros
Streetfighter 2
Demolition Derby
Crazy Taxi
House of the Dead
Return of the jedi
California Crusin
Ghost n Goblins
Silent Scope 2

Xmen v Capcom
The Punisher
Rolling thunder
Ms Pacman
Neo Geo 120 in 1
Donkey Kong Cocktail
Point Blank 2
Black Widow
Street Fighter V Marvel
Sega JAL Flight Simulator
Sega Strike Fighter
Moon Patrol

More to Come….

Attack From Mars
Centaur II
Flash Gordon
Judge Dredd
Star Trek (Bally)
Check Point
Jurassic Park
Monday Night Football
Tales from the Crypt
Freddy Nightmare on Elm Street
World Cup Soccer

Lost World Jurrasic Park
Ripley’s: Believe it or Not
Star Trek (Stern)
Big Guns
Demolition Man
Earth Shaker
The Simpsons (Data East)
Indiana Jones: TPA
Jungle Lord
Orbitor 1

More to Come…